English Pastor: Timothy Ip


Tim is the English Pastor at EBTCC, where he has been serving since 2015. He is originally from Southern California and still roots for the Dodgers and Lakers. After finishing his undergrad at Biola, he went on to receive an MDiv from Fuller Seminary. During his free time, he likes to take care of his saltwater fish tank and hang out with his wife and sons.

兒童事工主任(Director of Children Ministry):馮陳美笑(Ruth Chan)

馮陳美笑,喜歡栽培孩子成長。她是馮忠強牧師的妻子,三個兒子的母親。美笑先後畢業於香港浸會學院以及羅富國師範學院,成為中學與小學教師。1986年於香港的中國神學研究院畢業,獲聖經研究文憑(Diploma of Christian Studies)。2000年於英國愛丁堡大學教育系獲取教育學碩士學位(M.Sc.)。2009年再於愛丁堡大學獲得哲學博士學位(Ph.D.)。除了在學校教學之外,多年在教會中擔任青少年團契導師和兒童主日學老師。亦曾經擔任基督工人神學院研究分析員,協助學院成為ATS會員。2019年,在唐崇榮牧師灣區告別佈道大會中,統籌兒童事工。

Ruth Chan loves to see children grow. She is the wife of Pastor Darren Fung and the mother of three children. Ruth graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist College and Northcote College of Education. She then became a teacher of elementary school and high school. In 1986, she obtained her Diploma of Christian Studies from the China Graduate School of Theology (CGST), majoring in Biblical Studies. In 2000, she obtained a M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh, UK. In 2009, she obtained her Ph.D. degree from the same school.